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Gourmet Artichoke Tapenade and Dip - Tender Artichokes for the most Spectacular Olive Oil Spread

Gourmet Artichoke Tapenade and Dip - Tender Artichokes for the most Spectacular Olive Oil Spread

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Our Artichoke Tapenade is produced using only handpicked, tender Italian artichokes and extra virgin olive oil, skillfully transformed in the respect of a tradition that takes advantage of all the latest technology for the preservation of taste and fragrance. From harvest to the table. Prepare spectacular Hor d’oeuvre and main courses, with spinach, pesto, lemon, topped with parmesan and grilled over bruschetta, portabello mushrooms, canapes, pasta, raviolis, risottos, paninis, focaccia bread and salads. Artisan style conserve. Riceta della nonna. Artichokes Taste Great, Our Tapenade It's ready to use, rock your culinary world! No flavorings or artificial colors. Transform the ordinary in extraordinary! 100% Vegan. PERFECT TO USE: as a spread over town house crackers, Doritos, Tostitos, chips and with your favorite sandwich or margarita pizza. It is the perfect cream to spread over bruschetta, sandwich, or just to season a blow mind pasta! Ideal for Vegans. Refrigerate after opening. Cucina Amore.

EXQUISIT ITALIAN ARTICHOKE: Our Artichoke Olive Oil Spread and Cream is produced using only very tender Italian artichokes. As in the best kitchens we select all our ingredients one by one, then make a unique Italian product ennobled by extra virgin olive oil.

TAKE YOUR COOKING TO THE NEXT LEVEL: you can use it as a spread, filling or mixed with other ingredients and vegetables such as garlic, spinach and onions to create spectacular Hor d’oeuvre or main courses. It’s unique fragrance, strong and determined, yet delicate and sophisticated.

CREATE GOURMET DISHES: from dips, tarts, salads to pastas. Combine with extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, and other ingredients and create great appetizers and main courses to surprise your guest.